Geometry Control System (GCS)

GCS measurement of pipe ends

The geometry control system for measurement of pipe ends, developed by MSG Maschinenbau GmbH, starts where conventional measurement technology has to stop. Tactile measurement or manual testing can be extremely expensive and error-prone in case of pipe ends with ridges, conical surfaces, radii, bevels, welded seams or very large dia­meters. In the rough production environment, we not only offer advanced measurement technology, but also solid and customised design solution.

The following parameters can be measured by default:

  • minimum internal diameter
  • maximum internal diameter
  • three-point measurement internal diameter
  • minimum external diameter
  • maximum external diameter
  • minimal wall thickness
  • maximal wall thickness
  • average wall thickness
  • external least square circle diameter
  • internal least square circle diameter
  • internal maximum inscribed circle
  • eccentricity
  • ovality

Even in the rough production environment, pipe end measurement is extremely reliable and has been used successfully in many different sectors in the pipe industry. It can be integrated smoothly into existing production data acquisition systems.

GCS external pipe measurement

An extension of the GCS measurement of pipe ends is the GCS external pipe measurement technology, also developed by MSG. This system calculates the cross-section profile of the pipe based on a four laser camera system, installed in a sturdy measurement case, and using our special software to generate a highly precise three-dimensional pipe profile.

Measured by default are:

  •  best fit diameter
  •  maximum external diameter
  •  minimum external diameter
  •  ovality
  •  circumference
  •  welding seam geometry

Our robust and customised mechanical design, which meets the requirements of the measurement environment exactly, is essential for the GCS external pipe measurement.

Due to our expertise in special machine engineering it is ideally suited to the surrounding conditions of a pipe-mill. In combination with the GCS measurement of pipe ends, very good measurement system analysis values and a high repeat accuracy, our geometry control systems are an ideal enhancement of quality assurance in ongoing production. Again, smooth integration into a production data acquisition system is possible.

3D Measurement System for bent tubes

MSG measuring cell

The MSG measuring cell is a touch-free optical measurement system for measuring bent tubes and wire parts, for example in the automotive industry, furniture industry and wire industry.
The tube to be measured is placed in an arbitrary position on a special disk. After the diameter of the tube is entered, an exact measurement will be conducted in only a few seconds.
In this process, a number of LED installed above the disk are selected successively and the shadows projected onto the disk are registered by a fixed industrial camera and converted into a three-dimensional model of the pipe using transformation algorithms.

The system offers the following advantages:

  • precise registration of 3D geometry data
  • Measurement accuracy angles approx. 0.1°, diameter 0.01 mm
  • Measurement of components using shadows – no interference of reflecting surfaces
  • Measurement of constant bend radii AND freeform bending parts
  • Use in quality assurance and for correction of bending data
  • The part to be measured must not be adjusted or clamped
  • Simply place in measuring area and start
  • Very good price-performance ratio

Measurement Technology –
Special applications

In recent years, MSG was able to solve a wealth of customer problems in industrial optical measurement technology. In this sector, the combination with our expert knowledge in special mechanical engineering proved to be extremely advantageous for our customers.

We take a holistic approach to measuring your product – as individual part or as part of a production process. We can also integrate it smoothly into existing systems. We thoroughly investigate your needs, test physically relevant configurations, conduct a feasibility analysis and select the best system for you.

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