Innovative measuring system presented for the first time

Düsseldorf/Schmallenberg/Germany. At the bi-annual conference of the International Tube Association (ITA), MSG presented its novel measuring system.
The measurement of the straightness of long, thin rod products such as round bars or tubes is currently posing major challenges for the industry. Due to the presently used rotary test method, the straightness of e.g. a 7 m long bar with a diameter of 20 mm can only be measured in a very time-consuming, complicated and faulty manner. Vibrations and the deformation of the long rod by the gravitational force influence the result. In addition, in most cases the quality assessment is still captured by the visual assessment of the employee.
The newly developed geometry measuring system GMS-S (Straightness) from MSG Maschinenbau GmbH allows to detect straightness in a fraction of a second, without rotation, distortion due to gravitational force and without operator influence. “The result of the GMS-S corresponds only to the curvatures caused by residual stress. The result is comparable with the measurement of tubes or bars in weightless sphere”, explains CEO Thomas Schulte.
MSG Maschinenbau, a well-known mechanical engineering company located in Schmallenberg/Germany has continuously built up an excellent reference as a manufacturer of special machines and measurement applications over a period of more than 20 years.