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Many companies use the term special machine even when the standard only has to be adjusted minimally. We understand special machine engineering to mean machines or systems which are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the customer requirements. This is day-to-day business for us! This may also include a complete new development of a machine. But similarly, existing machines are also repaired or modernised by us in the same way to integrate them into complete and new production processes.

The requirements for production processes become more and more complex or are so specific that a solution that goes beyond the standard has to be found. This solution is then a highly effective special system which exactly meets the requirements of the process with respect to cycle time and processing operation, so that there is ROI even in the short term. Linking individual processes together can increase the effectiveness of a production line tremendously.

In this way, we increase the output and guarantee the quality requirements at the same time. In this area especially, we have helped many customers and successfully implemented our strategies. The nature of your assignment does not matter. Whether it is transporting, feeding, separating, forming, connecting, cutting, whether it is assembling, testing or measuring – we’ll take on the challenge!
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Some examples of successfully implemented projects

Processing line
transmission components

The work pieces are individually removed from an upstream production line with a cycle time of 2.5 sec. and fed to the processing line in the correct position. The individual mechanical processing is carried out in several stages at the same time. A final 100% inspection with measurement ensures the quality of each part and allows for the continuous documentation of the required Cpk values.

of a drawing machine

Since the system was no longer cost-effective, the existing system was modernised and specifically optimised, taking into account the periphery.
The result is a modern production system complying with the current state of the art while preserving the core unit and enhancing the product range at the same time.

Die-cutting system for
special section tubes

The asymmetrical profiled steel tubes are precisely radially positioned from a bunker, end-processed on both sides, 100% checked and collected in Euro containers with a cycle time of 2.8 sec.

Production line for extruded aluminium profiles

In various cutting and forming processes, the profiles are processed by the rod while the individual processes are 100% monitored by specially developed measurement technology. Finally, the coding of each part is carried out by applying a signature.

Processing cell

The integration of a robot may be useful depending on the requirements of a process, whether it is a handling task or another task. Through combination at the right place in the production process, the flexibility and level of freedom are increased. If the use of a robot is appropriate, it can easily be integrated into our systems.


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