Safe and gentle on materials

Automatic and reliable separation

The task:

safe, reliable and gentle
separation of tubes and rods.

The solution: the TUBE STEPPER

The patented tube and rod separation system TUBE STEPPER is the link between the individual manufacturing processes of the tubes or rods to further processing machines.
These may be straightening machines, testing systems, cutting machines, forming machines, pickling lines, etc. which are fed fully automatically via the TUBE STEPPER – without manual intervention.

The TUBE STEPPER is solid, reliable, low-maintenance and has a simple design based on its functionality. There is no need for dangerous operator interventions. It significantly contributes to increasing efficiency and subsequently reduces costs. The feeding trough is designed for crane loading of the tube bundles and, depending on the product range, comes as a simple belt trough or lifting trough. Depending on the available space, the feeding may also be carried out via a cross conveyor system. With the TUBE STEPPER, tubes and rods with a diameter from 6mm and up to a maximum length of 18m can be separated safely. Adjusting the gradual separation to the respective area of the work piece diameter is carried out manually by the operator.

Unbeatable speed and precision

The optimal addition to your workflow

On request, this can also be integrated into the control at the push of a button. The TUBE STEPPER is always individually designed in accordance with the available space and perfectly fitted into the production facilities. Since the work pieces are seamlessly registered via sensor at respective points in the TUBE STEPPER, the separation can be controlled and you can assume an almost continuous feeding of the subsequent machine.We would be happy to talk to you about your individual project.

Sturdy and durable

Transport – Feeding and Discharge

We safely and gently bring your product to the right place. With the sturdy and low-maintenance handling systems of MSG, workflows are optimised, routes shortened and individual process steps linked together. We offer the corresponding conveyor technology, perfectly suited to your requirements. In particular, these include cross conveyors, roller conveyors, overlifting systems, belt conveyors and manipulations which are also adjusted to difficult installation situations.

In particular, the local conditions and the interfaces provided by the customer are precisely considered in our planning, so that the installation both mechanically and electrically is carried out smoothly and with interventions that are as short as possible. Our portfolio includes a very wide range of systems from small optimisations to turnkey solutions in the finishing area. We can draw from many years
of experience in the field of planning and construction of tube and rod manipulation. In this context, MSG sees itself as a complete provider.

We process all steps in-house, from planning over design to the mechanical and electrical completion of our systems. Of course, a hassle-free after-sales service is also included. From a large number of implemented mechanisations for tube manufacturers and tube processors in particular, we have built up know-how that you will also benefit from as our customer.

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